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If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, you need structured and focused treatment to enable you to overcome your addiction and work on your overall mental and physical health. After eliminating denial, you will be able to come to our drug rehab center for a treatment program that is both customized and comprehensive. Your treatment will be personalized, but it will also adhere to the structure that every effective addiction treatment should have.

  • Detoxification
    The first thing you will do when you come to our facility will be to enter our drug detox clinic for a supervised detoxification. While you go through the process of eliminating toxins that have built up in your and keep you dependent upon your drug of choice, you will go through unpleasant withdrawals. In order to make sure your detox is as safe and comfortable as possible, we need to watch over your progress and monitor your symptoms. This will we will make sure that your withdrawals are efficient and your detox effective. After detoxifying, you will be able to move on to long-term treatment.
  • Long-term therapy
    You will then move on to personal therapy with and counseling. With a therapist, you will work on your customized and comprehensive addiction treatment program that will be based upon your needs and circumstances. It will also include dual diagnosis mental health screening and any necessary treatment. The counselor will listen to you while you vent about your problems and will provide helpful and insightful professional advice.
  • Aftercare Services
    When you go to leave our addiction treatment center, you will leave with the love and support of everyone you’ve met as well as your personalized addiction treatment program that will guide you through aftercare. When you come to our drug rehab clinics, you won’t be alone. Come see what this feels like, all you have to do is call us today and set up an appointment for a free consultation that will change your life forever. You won’t regret the day you took back your life.
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While you are going through individual treatment, you will also go to group meetings. During these sessions you will share your story with the others, hear their similar tales of adversity, and exchange extremely valuable tips and advice about triggers, cravings, and temptations. As you work with your group, new bonds will form that may even span years into aftercare.